Entry #1

New-ergrounds!!! XD

2007-07-22 01:36:21 by lando7

I'm so excited by the remake of this website!! ^_^ Everything looks so much more detailed!!! *_* Also, I'm gonna start submitting some good stuff for ya'll and I'm diffidently gonna remake The Bitter Unloved Teaser and Action Dude. I've improved dramatically and I hope you'll like it this time around! >_* Further more, the next movie I'm likely to submit is a teaser for a Sonic fan series I'm startin up called Freedom Fighters: Light of Mobius. I'll keep you guys updated a bit later. Sleep awaits me and plenty of it lol. _'_

New-ergrounds!!! XD


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2007-08-31 19:12:13

Wahey! That thing looks AWESOME. I Look forward to seeing it!